Aki Hänninen


Aki is a software architect at Midaxo, a SaaS startup focusing on systemizing M&A and corporate development processes. Midaxo is developing a new product, leveraging serverless technologies and he uses these real-life experiences as content for his presentation. Aki has close to 20 years of experience from various roles in software engineering and has a passion for improving developer happiness. This materializes quite often as him driving well-defined, but sane, processes for development, deployment and operations practices.

Talk: The Case for Monorepo & Serverless

Monorepos and Serverless go hand in hand, but why? This talk tells how to share business logic, have full environments for each feature branch and what it takes to build a monorepo. Built on AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild with AWS Step Functions orchestrating the whole show. This talk goes through the motivation and principles why monorepo is a good choice for a Serverless project and what it took for Midaxo to get our monorepo working. We will go through how Midaxo organized the code inside the monorepo, how to run CI/CD on top of AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild and how we use AWS Step Functions to provision full development environments for every feature branch.

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