Anahit Pogosova


Anahit is an experienced software engineer at Solita, she has been working on full-stack and data solutions with various clients for over a decade. Having had her fair share of struggles with monolithic on-prem software, she was more than eager to leap to the world of cloud-based event-driven architecture and serverless, where she has been dwelling in blissful happiness for several years now. Anahit believes that learning is the single most important skill for a software professional. Her drive to learn and help others learn made her an active member of the AWS community.

Talk: Serverless Data Streaming at Scale at YLE

Everything fails, all the time. This is what Dr. Vogels likes to say. This is what we have learned over and over again while implementing serverless data streaming at scale. I’ll take the example of my customer, Yle, and talk about the services we use, the issues we faced and lessons we learned. In this talk, I will be using a real-life example of Finland’s national public broadcasting company, Yle, to talk about Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Analytics and how they integrate with AWS Lambda. I will be talking about some of the “gotchas” that came along the way and lessons we learned while implementing a fully managed serverless architecture streaming over 400 GB of user interaction data per day and enabling diverse, near real-time content personalization. I will also mention some of the related new features announced at AWS re:Invent last December.

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