Angela Timofte


With a decade of trained skills in software development, Angela’s drive for building scalable solutions with the latest technologies while migrating from monolithic solutions has given her a unique perspective into serverless applications and event-driven architecture. As a lead engineer at Trustpilot she is inspiring and leading technical teams while developing large scale solutions. Her current mission is to share her knowledge and lessons learned with her fellow peers on local and global stages.

Talk: The great migration - Embracing serverless first

Serverless architectures can reduce operational cost and development time but it does come with an architectural overhead and complexity. In this talk you’ll get an insight on how Trustpilot adopted a serverless mindset. The benefits and challenges of migrating and refactoring our systems having a serverless first approach. Learn how we mitigated the complexity of our services and cut down the cost on our infrastructure. Key takeaways: * How to reach a serverless mindset * Trustpilot’s journey to serverless first approach * Benefits and challenges, through Trustpilot’s eyes

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