Ari Palo


Ari works as a Solution Architect at Alma Media where his team builds APIs & services - that Alma’s high traffic websites use - with AWS serverless technologies and infrastructure as code mentality. CDK has been in production-use in their team now for over a year. Ari holds several cloud certifications and his current programming languages of choice are TypeScript & Go. On his free time Ari is a music lover who can’t live without Spotify and attends around 50 live concerts per year. To unwind he spends a lot of time in the Finnish countryside.

Talk: CDK - The Good (and the Bad) Parts with Serverless Development

There are many ways to define infrastructure as code for serverless cloud environments; This talk looks how AWS Cloud Development Kit works in serverless development. I will first introduce what CDK is about and then dive into how it fits into serverless development. I’ve used CDK in production for serverless implementations over a year now and seen both the good and the not-so-good. After this talk you should have better understanding about CDK with serverless and if it might be a good fit for your organization or not.

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