Arto Liukkonen


Arto is a lead developer & serverless ambassador at Nordcloud. Nordcloud is the leading provider of end-to-end multi-cloud solutions from cloud infra to cloud-native applications in Europe, and MSP to all our 3 hyperscaler partners. Arto has been working with serverless tools for over four years, from finance sector apps to industrial IoT solutions, not forgetting open-source contribution. Organizing tech-driven events such as Serverless Finland and HackJKL meetups makes him an active member of the scene in Finland. A hacky mindset takes him on various explorations to create better, more on-point solutions when “good enough” is not good enough.

Talk: Hate organising your photos? Try it with 5 Terabytes

My partner is a freelancer photographer. During the years she has gathered a ~5 terabyte collection of photos from over hundred different occasions. All the photos have to be backed up in at least two physical locations and organised for browsing. This talk is about how I built the solution for her in serverless way, costing less than 10€ per month. We’ll walk through my solution starting from local network & Raspberry Pi to AWS S3 & Rekognition.

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