Bruno Amaro Almeida


Bruno is a Principal Architect & Technology Advisor at Futurice - an international software engineering and innovation consultancy. He is based in Helsinki and works in areas such as Cloud, Security, DevOps, AI & Data Engineering. Throughout his career he has worked in a wide range of positions from senior management to deep technical roles. Bruno is passionate about culture and digital transformation and has been involved in several projects from both the human (Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring) and technical (Cloud, DevOps, AI) perspective.

Talk: What can Google Cloud AI/ML APIs tell us about news media websites?

What happens when you enrich metadata collected from news media with the AI/ML API’s (e.g. Image Classification, Translation, Sentiment Analysis) that Google Cloud provides? In this talk, we will see what kind of insights we gain when leveraging these ready-made Serverless AI/ML capabilities.

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