Davide Taibi


Davide Taibi is professor at the Tampere University, where is leading the research group of Cloud and Web Engineering. His research activities are focused on cloud architectures an in particular on patterns and anti patterns of cloud-native systems, anomaly detection in cloud systems and cloud observability.

Talk: Serverless Patterns

Different patterns have been proposed for different architectural styles. There are patters for object-oriented monolithic systems, patterns for service-oriented architectures, patterns for microservices and patterns for several other styles. Practitioners recently started to discuss patterns in serverless functions. In order to elicit the existing patterns for serverless functions, we conducted a multivocal literature review analyzing the grey literature (practitioners non-peer review proposals) and scientific literature, to understand which patterns have been proposed and which problems they are addressing. The usefulness of the patterns have been then investigated in a recent survey, collecting 52 answers from experienced practitioners that highlighted problems and issues in using these patterns. The patterns are generic, and applicable to different serverless providers. The interesting result is that some patterns propose opposite solutions to the same problems, while in other cases there are very similar patterns mainly renamed or with little differences. The result is a catalog of 25 serverless patterns, grouped in five categories, that practitioners could use as a reference.

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