Eldert Grootenboer


Eldert can be described as an Azure MVP, Cloud Solution Architect, blogger, public speaker and technical author. He can regularly be seen on conferences and user groups, speaking on Cloud related topics, with a strong focus on Azure. His experience with the Cloud comes from his daily work with these technologies in many innovative projects with various clients, as well as his drive to further dive into the latest developments in his spare time. Eldert enjoys sharing his knowledge with the community, and believes this is the best way to each other obtain more and better opportunities

Talk: Azure Resource Manager In A Serverless World

Expect a session full of real life scenario’s and demo’s, showing how we can use the power of ARM to implement serverless solutions while following the Infrastructure as Code paradigm. We will start with a quick introduction in ARM, and then moving into more the more complex capabilities provided. So we have heard about using Infrastructure as Code to deploy our environments and resources, but how do we apply this in a world of Platform as a Service and Serverless? What tooling can we use, and how do we ensure our templates are created correctly? In this session you will learn tips, best practices and techniques from real customers on using Azure Resource Manager templates to make your journey as smooth as possible. We will see how to get started on creating templates, how to easily move from portal to Infrastructure as Code, and what tools are available to help us with this. And we will dive even deeper, looking into deployment strategies and other complex solutions.

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