Matti Petrelius


Matti is a web developer with more than ten years of experience working with companies from small startups to large companies and banks. Last couple of years Matti has been focusing more and more on cloud and especially serverless. Has a long background of developing with C# but recently has started to lean to JavaScript and Node.js. His cloud platform of choice is Azure and most favorite FaaS offering is Azure Functions but has dabbled with AWS and Google as well. Matti currently works in Devisioona as a senior software developer and can often be found wherever there's a need for a frontend developer or a serverless specialist.

Talk: Real-life experience building a chatbot on Azure Functions

We have been told that chatbots are the future. However it turns out building a chatbot is not as simple as it seems. Serverless is a perfect match for chatbots because it makes them easier to build and experiment with. In this talk I will go through my good and bad experiences in building a chatbot on Azure Functions in a client project.

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