Rick Houlihan


Rick Houlihan leads the NoSQL Blackbelt Team at AWS and has leveraged just about every Serverless technology at AWS to migrate literally thousands of workloads to the cloud. Come learn how Amazon uses Serverless technologies such as DynamoDB to support their business and why they made the move.

Talk: Serverless Development with DynamoDB

When Amazon made the decision to migrate their business to DynamoDB it meant completely retooling the business. Over 350 mission critical services and 12K secondary services had to migrate and 25K developers had to be retrained. The process took years and many hard lessons were learned along the way. Rick Houlihan was responsible for defining the best practices and design patterns that were used to make this happen, and the knowledge repository his team built has literally redefined the way the world looks at DynamoDB. This session dives into what Rick’s team learned along the way and demonstrates the value of Cloud Native database technology like DynamoDB using real world examples from Amazon’s journey to Serverless.

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